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Bikercoin is an Anonymous ,Impregnable  and Untraceable Cryptocurrency.

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Bikercoin (BIC) a decentralized digital money similar to Bitcoin, is based on CryptoNote anonymous technology. The proof-of-work CryptoNight protocol is designed to make secure CPU and GPU mining equally efficient and restrict ASIC mining. Average user should use Bikercoin GUI Wallet. Console/Simplewallet/Miner is for services, like mining pools and exchanges.

Total Coin Supply

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25 Million Bikercoins (BIC)

Minimum Transaction Fee

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0.001 BIC

Block Target Time

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2 Minutes (5X faster than Bitcoin)

Unlinkable Transactions

Bikercoin’s transactions can’t be linked between the sender and the recipient.

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Anonymous Payments

Bikercoin uses ring signatures and one-time addresses for truly anonymous payments.

Egalitarian Proof-of-work

CryptoNight hash function is designed for egalitarian GPU & CPU mining.

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What is Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need to Know

We are living in a world were almost everything made into a virtual object , it would be a surprise if we did not catch up along with the time and knew about the present changes made in the world of currency and how a sing currency can be made use of in every sing country, and there is no need of changes to take place in this in another country as the price of the cryptocurrency never changes . Here are few know about things that will equip you into understanding and making use of this currency.

The invention of Bitcoin came into existence with the invention of it Bitcoin currency by Santoshi Nakamoto he is as well-known as his invention is in his announcement of the invention of the Bitcoin system in late 2008 , he stated that it was invented just to have a peer to peer cash system .


It is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that is used to secure any financial transaction made through this system, and cryptocurrency uses decentralized control as opposed to the centralized currency and digital banking system. The release of the bitcoin system made it the first decentralized currency used.

The concept of currency was first introduced by David Chaum, he invented anonymous electronic money called as e-cash, in the later years he came up with the concept of Digicash it was early form of cryptographic electronic payment which was required of the user to have a softer to use in order to withdraw the money form the bank through the usage of a specific encrypted key before it can be sent to the receiver, thus making it undiscoverable by any government , bank or any other private organization


Many forms of cryptocurrencies have been created, but due to a less inflow of transaction, they had to be shut down. In the mid 1900’s when a huge bank heist took place in a cryptocurrency trading company it went under a huge financial loss and the value of it coin dropped down drastically and it was a huge loss to all the owners of bitcoins but in the recent years there has been a huge sweep in its value and it all those people who thought it to be a loss owning the bitcoins after have a huge profit jump now are going above and beyond in getting more bitcoins, so that in the future the value of the bitcoin will increase and will be profited more on it .

There have also been various ways in withdrawing the bit coin money and through certain designated ATM for this purpose thus there is still a possibility that there could be another form of crypto currency which will override the value of the bit coin system and be of a much higher value.

Best new cryptocurrencies to invest in

While the 24-hour news cycle is littered with stories about cryptocurrency, it can be difficult for someone coming into the market to know where to start or even what’s out there. For many people, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are one and the same, but did you know there are a number of cryptocurrencies available to buy and some of them are actually more promising than even Bitcoin? In this article, you can a small step in the direction of a starting point to begin to know what it is you can and should be investing in within the realm of cryptocurrency.

The elephant in the room, of course, is Bitcoin. Unless you avoid the news altogether, you probably read how 2018 has been an interesting year for the pioneering crypto coin. It ended 2017 with such a steady incline, people made the news because of how rich they had become in such a short amount of time. There was one case where a man claimed he had turned $5 into over $100,000 in as little as a month. Then, when 2018 hit, you saw a rapid decline in value. Many economists said that this was because of all of the good press that Bitcoin was getting. People bought in and instead of raising the value, the faith in the cryptocurrency dropped and in turn dropped in value. The rise, however is something to keep an eye out on and if you’re going to start investing in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is a starting point you’ll wat to keep an eye on and buy when it’s in a low point.


Another cryptocurrency out there and ready to be invested in is Ethereum. It definitely has a far superior name, conjuring up images of dragons and fantasy novels, but the value is still significantly lower than Bitcoin. The good news is that because the value is low, it’s easier to buy in now. Ethereum, like most other popular cryptocurrencies, has followed along the curve of Bitcoin, making it stable enough to trust for a beginner investor. While Ethereum grew by a whopping 3000% in 2017, the risk involved remains the same, as values fell from $1,200 to $800 in the matter of 60 days.

If you’re looking for something in the smaller denominations, the best starter cryptocurrency to watch and invest in is definitely Ripple. Floating around $1.00 per share, it’s much easier to buy in now, but keep in mind it’s potential. Ripple rose from nearly nothing in such a short period of time, it gained 36,000% in 2017 alone!


Like any investment, though, research and market knowledge is key. Set up some alerts and up your game in the finance world by doing some research and deciding which currency is best for you to invest in. Any of these three are sure to make the news again this year, so keep your eyes and ears peeled and listen for what’s happening in the wonderful world of cryptocurrency.

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